MEETING AGENDA. April 20,2021

Liberty first Agenda 4-20-21
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Liberty First Agenda April 20, 2021

1. Welcome- Prayer

2. Pledge

3. Re-Focus on Priorities 5 min.– Pastor McCauley.

4. Minutes and treasurer’s report

5. Announcements:

A. Legislature Visit, Wednesday, to support S264 and fight CRT Meeting at FWB Church 7:45. Need drivers

B. Cleta Mitchell on May 18.

C. Snacks in fellowship hall after the meeting

D. Website: Please join on website.

E. Renew Chamber of Commerce membership

6. Old business

a. Shreriff’s dept. luncheon: date and 2-3 people to help.

b. Committees: Prayer; Communication, Research, IT.

c. Board of Education meeting on May 3, Central Office to oppose CRT.

7. Speaker: Caesar Ybarrra: Andy Biggs former legislative aide; Senior director of Legislative Affairs, FreedomWorks S1, Election Integrity

8. Ed. Bd. Wade Leatham update

9. New Business: a. Vote on meals; b. Liberty Seminar, Saturday,July 24, one day. invited C L Bryant and Sidney Powell. c. Must really spread the word to have a good crowd. d. Need Communication committee to get out the word. e. Need help selling ads. f. Hospitality committee to work on Meal.

10. Interest in going to Farmers Market in Raleigh, (maybe go to legislature in am and Market in afternoon on May 5. Another excursion is Spice Bouquet in Kinston.

11. Report on elected official contacts .

12. Suggestions for activities and ideas for more engagement in governmental affairs.

13. Resolutions

14. Prayer Snacks and fellowship in Fellowship Hall

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