Once again, Governor Cooper has chosen to ignore the people of North Carolina and focus on his leftist agenda. He vetoed House Bill 324, which would have combatted CRT. His reasoning for the veto was, "this bill pushes calculated, conspiracy-laden politics into public education." The Governor has once again called the students, teachers, and parents who have submitted their concerns to my office LIARS. We must teach our children how to think, and not what to think. I continue to fight the left's attempts to make education into their own personal playground. My office compiled a report last month that showed that there is a problem in public education however, the left has chosen to say that these issues don't exist. We must end the tyranny that has taken over our educational system. Help me in defeating CRT and end political indoctrination in our classrooms. We need to raise $10,375 to expand our message and show the left that this is happening and it needs to end. So please continue to stand with us and spread our message by sharing our content on social media and donating to our campaign. Finally, I hope you remember that we need Patriots, not Politicians. DONATE Mark Robinson Connections · United States This email was sent to To stop receiving emails, click here.Created with NationBuilder, software for leaders.

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