Linda, On Tuesday, the Senate Rules Committee held a markup meeting on the #CorruptPoliticiansAct

Linda, On Tuesday, the Senate Rules Committee held a markup meeting on the #CorruptPoliticiansAct (S.1). Senators from both parties introduced amendments to the bill, which were then voted upon by the committee. This led to some very telling votes. Here are some of the policies Senate Democrats voted to support:

  • Voting Rights for Murderers: Dems rejected Senator Cruz’s (R-TX) amendment to keep murderers from voting.

  • Overturn all state voter ID laws: Despite 77% of Americans agreeing that we should have voter ID requirements, Democrats voted to end them with S.1.

  • One-party control of the FEC: Democrats voted against Leader McConnell’s (R-Ky.) amendment to maintain bipartisan control of the Federal Elections Commission (FEC). Instead of keeping the FEC at 6 people, with 3 Democrats and 3 Republicans, Dems voted to change it to 5 (giving the President’s party majority control). This would enable Joe Biden to weaponize the FEC to go after political opponents.

The Democrats showed their true colors in this markup meeting—they want a complete federal takeover of our election laws. They are diametrically opposed to Heritage Action’s efforts at the state level to make it “easier to vote and harder to cheat.” In Iowa, Georgia, Arizona, Florida, and other states, grassroots conservatives have worked tirelessly to make elections free and fair for all. But with S.1, Democrats have made it clear they want to undo all this hard work. They want a complete federal takeover of our elections that will make it “easier to cheat and harder to detect,” as Senator Roy Blunt (R-Mo.) so eloquently put it.Democrats have every intention of going against the will of voters and destroying common sense laws that protect voters from fraud. Visit our toolkit on the #CorruptPoliticiansAct to learn more.Share this graphic on Facebook and Twitter Arizona VictoryIn another victory for free and fair elections, Governor Ducey signed SB1485 into law on Tuesday. This bill removes voters who receive mail-in ballots every election from the state’s early voting list if they have not voted in the previous two consecutive elections. Importantly, voters are notified first and given a chance to stay on the list. If they don’t respond, they are then removed only from the early-mail voting list—but remain eligible to vote in-person. This law is exactly what we mean by “easy to vote and hard to cheat.” Voting is still simple and convenient, but the number of ballots sent to old and out-dated addresses is reduced. It’s just common-sense! >>>Read our full statement on SB1485 being signed into law. Share this graphic on Twitter Arizona also passed SB1003 this week. This bill requires that all votes without signatures must be fixed by 7 pm on election day to avoid unreasonably long delays.More on Save Our Elections The Texas House advanced SB7, a bill that protects poll watchers, limits ballot harvesting, and protects voters from intimidation. This bill is a great start in moving towards secure elections, but there is still more work that needs to be done. >>>Read our statement on SB7. Share this graphic on Twitter We launched a new action center for Nevada this week. You can check it out here. Keep up with all of our election integrity efforts across the country at Action Critical Race Theory––The Biden Administration proposed a rule that would allow the Department of Education to prioritize schools who teach critical race theory for K-12 grants over schools who do not include it in their curriculum. This rule would not only allow teachers to bring their political biases into the classroom, but it would actively incentivize teachers to do so. This is an indoctrination tactic by the Left that needs to be stopped. Check out our critical race theory toolkit and submit a public comment by May 19th in opposition to this proposed rule. Every comment makes an impact as the government is required to reply to all comments in the final document when writing the final regulation. Title X––The Biden Administration has proposed a rule reversing pro-life protections in Title X. This rule would mandate abortion referrals as well as remove the wall of separation between Title X and abortion activity, meaning your taxpayer dollars could fund abortions. Submit a public comment by May 17th opposing this rule. You can find more information on Title X and the Biden Administration’s proposed changes in our Title X toolkit.Final ThoughtsBiden Border Crisis––The crisis at the border is still in full swing. This week, 20 governors urged Biden to act on the crisis at the Border and highlighted how his migrant housing plans were unacceptable. You can read the full article here. Police Week––This week was police week. It is more important now than ever that we are supporting our law enforcement officers who put their lives at risk to protect our communities. Last year, Heritage Action launched the Police Pledge for lawmakers and citizens to show their support for law enforcement and promise to oppose the “defund the police” movement. This week, three more lawmakers added their name to the pledge—thank you Rep. Byron Donalds, Rep. Van Taylor, and Rep. Pat Fallon!Your work is making an impact. Keep up the great work! Jessica and the Heritage Action team Join the fight to advance the conservative agenda. Heritage Action for America | 214 Massachusetts Avenue NE, Suite 400 | Washington, D.C. 20002 You are subscribed to Heritage Action's press e-mails as If you no longer want to receive updates from Heritage Action, please click here to unsubscribe.- ReplyForward

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