Liberty First Meeting Minutes. 4/20/2021

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Reference Agenda

3) Pastor McCauley – Romans1:16. Power of Gospel more important than ever.

4) Pray for Mavis Gibbs and Alaca’s for healing and mercy. Royce Gibbs passed to heaven.

$4300 in bank. Sheriff deputies’ lunch we are hosting on 29th. Asked for volunteers-several people agreed to help serve.

5) Announcements

Legislature trip tomorrow. HR5 passed-now S5 up for vote. Support S264 to limit governor’s power. Fight CRT in schools.

Please join as member to our website: Only $40 per year and includes dues!!

National Day of Prayer – join us to pray for our country-see website calendar for May 6

Text Linda Harper if you would like to reinstate the 6pm meal before our monthly meeting on the third Tuesday.

Liberty First Committees-need volunteers. Choose your favorite: Prayer, Communication, Research, Hospitality. Call or text Linda Harper or Mike Gilewicz (919.437.6259)

Board of Education open meeting on May 3 – see calendar. Support our school board for getting children back in school. Text or email Linda if you would like to speak at the meeting. 3 minutes allowed per person.

7) Guest Speaker: Caesar Ybarra-Senior Director of Freedom Works. Watch video on website of his fantastic speech on election integrity and the corrupt HR1 / S1 bill in Congress. Rule of Law being destroyed leaving states with no say in their election process.

8) Wade Leatham acknowledged for getting children back to school! Great job Board of Ed!! Bd still looking for Superintendent.

9) New Business: Liberty Seminar coming on Saturday, July 24. Big event, we need to tell everyone to come. Also selling ads on program bulletin to cover costs.

Possible Raleigh trip on May 5 to legislature then farmer’s market. Also Spice Bouquet trip for another day trip. Please let Linda know if interested.

Need Communications committee volunteers the most to contact elected leaders. Discussed ideas on how to support liberty and truth by reaching out to NC and Fed officials. Need ideas for activities to promote grassroots engagement in governmental affairs. good site for more information.

Visit our website for Resolutions we are supporting. Linda Harper.

Laura Hodges acknowledged for great work as Hospitality Committee!! Thank you, Laura!

Closed with prayer and message from Jerry Grantham. Pray for Good to triumph over evil. Amen!!

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