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We received some resolution last week on the two bills we were following so I thought I would give you an update. Also, please take a look at the bottom of this email for the online training NCGOP is making available. I think they are worth our while to do.

Legislative Update

We still need candidates for Joe Democko, who is resigning as of Oct. 1. The filing period will be the first week of December with the primary (if required) in March. Contact me if you are interested. Free training is available through the Leadership Institute for a limited time.

HB 324 – Ensuring Dignity/ Nondiscrimination in Public Schools – This is the Opposing Critical Race Theory bill . The governor vetoed this bill last week. I do not have any information yet on a vote for a veto override. You can read Lt Gov Mark Robinson's response here.

Redistricting (Congressional, NC Senate, and NC Representative Districts) – The General Assembly has stood up a public comment portal to hear from citizens across the state as they begin the process this month,. We hope you will consider submitting a comment.

Comment Portal:

Recommended Comments:

Redistricting has been a constant, never-ending battle in the State of North Carolina, with numerous lawsuits on the topic over just the past decade and even more when looking back at the time Democrats were drawing the maps. This battle has been a massive burden on taxpayer dollars and has only caused increased voter confusion across the state. Over the past 10 years alone, the Winston-Salem Journal has reported that our State has had to spend roughly $7 million dollars defending lawsuits attacking the legislature’s redistricting efforts. These blatantly partisan attacks need to stop, and I hope that the adopted process and resulting maps drawn by the General Assembly this year will stand without challenge.

The criteria that the General Assembly has put forward this year are fair and direct. It follows the most recent court-ordered redistricting process. That process was widely acclaimed as the most fair and transparent redistricting process ever in North Carolina by Democrats, Republicans, and really, everyone.

While all the proposed criteria are important, there are several that really demonstrate the legislature’s commitment to fairness. First, the General Assembly plans to keep most communities together, including, to the extent possible, following county and municipal boundaries. Second, the General Assembly has committed that “[d]ata identifying the race of individuals or voters shall not be used in the construction or consideration of districts.” Third, the General Assembly has also committed that “[p]artisan considerations and election results data shall not be used in the drawing of districts.”

I commend the legislature for their efforts and pray that the new districts will not fall victim to a wave of legal challenges. Eastern counties had a decrease in population so they will probably have to add a county to District 1. We aer asking for Sampson county to be added, and no counties West of I95.


The General Assembly has also setup public hearings on Redistricting throughout the state. The closest one to us is Thursday, September 16 at Pitt Community College at 3:00 p.m. According to the notice from the General Assembly, "members of the public may sign up to speak on-site at each hearing beginning one hour prior to start time. Members of the public may also sign up online to speak. The online sign-up portal will close four hours prior to start time."

Please let me know if you are interested in speaking at this public hearing. Betty Daw and I will be attnding the Pitt community College hearing on Thursday, Sept. 16.


Training Opportunities – NCGOP is starting a grass-roots virtual training series with classes at 1pm and 7pm every Tuesday and Thursday. Please feel free to attend as it will increase your knowledge and expertise come election season. I highly recommend them for our precinct leadership. You can also refer to the NCGOP calendar at Below are the dates and topics:

9.14- Election Integrity Operations (Legal Counsel Phil Thomas) RSVP here.

9.16- Campaign SideKick App: RSVP Campaign SideKick is replacing both Advantage Mobile and Red Dialer that we used last cycle for doors and phone calls.

9.23- Voter Contact Training: RSVP

9.30- Grassroots Organizing: RSVP

10.7- Protect the Ballot: RSVP

10.14- Campaign SideKick App: RSVP

10.21- Voter Registration: RSVP

10.28- Social Media: RSVP

Gearing up for the 2020 elections? Confused on what , district or precinct you are in? Use the voter look-up to determine for that information at each level of government.

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