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As we have been reporting, the Electronic Registration Information Center, (ERIC) adds millions of ineligible names to the voter rolls of its member states, under the guise of voter roll maintenance. However, the voter rolls of every ERIC state are very bloated – transparently so. See the numbers.

A condition of ERIC membership, as you may already know, is to solicit as many people as possible in order to register them to vote. The names which the state must contact, come from a data base provided by ERIC’s huge artificial intelligence system – which conjoins millions, including non-citizens, green card holders and others who are ineligible. That is fact.

But the corrupt state of Pennsylvania has stepped up their game in the 33-state Fraud League of ERIC members. They have a different team of “Stealers” taking the field, just in time for the season! Voting season.

Recently, the Epoch Times broke a report that the Pennsylvania Department of Elections has invented another clever step to add ineligible “voters” to their rolls. After all, the November midterm is less than a dozen weeks away. So, just in case they do not create enough phantom voters from executing the routine mandates of ERIC, Pennsylvania is adding a new twist – a Fast Fraud form.

A “small clerical change” has suddenly combined the voter registration form with a mail-in ballot application! Those forms are used for two totally different things, say election officials, and must be sequential, NOT simultaneous. “Obviously, you have to be a voter in order to get a detailed ballot…” states the election director of Lancaster County, Christa Miller. Registrations and mail-in requests are filed separately. Pennsylvania law requires that voters reapply annually to receive a mail-in ballot. “In February, we have to send them an application (for the ballot) for that calendar year,” said Miller. So, now, Pennsylvania law is requiring a chance to re-register along with the request for a ballot every year. Hooo boy…. What could possibly go wrong?

The new system of simultaneous application for registration and ballot has understandably caused confusion with the voters as well, as to whether they are requesting a ballot or re- registering. It will also create the desired result of adding names to the voter rolls and, thus, improving the chances for fraud to steal the wishes of the people. So, who cares if people are confused?

It will be a boon to the ERIC system. Thousands of duplications will flow into the system, along with ballot requests by people (or AI “people”) who have only to check a box to declare eligibility. More Mules will be needed! For job openings in this field, apply to the Pennsylvania Secretary of State, RA-

North Carolina has also voted to give our data to ERIC

Linda Harper

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