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News from Representative Rouzer July 2, 2021 Dear Friend, As we head into the Fourth of July weekend, may you and your loved ones have a safe and happy Independence Day! This week, House Democrats passed their partisan infrastructure bill, which is simple Green New Deal mandates advertised as “infrastructure." They abandoned bipartisan negotiations at the outset of the process in favor of a partisan bill that prioritizes Green New Deal mandates over rebuilding America’s infrastructure. We need real solutions and investments in infrastructure. Unfortunately, by choosing partisanship, the Majority has chosen a rocky path that will make it unlikely any final infrastructure package will be able to pass both chambers and get to the President’s desk during this Congress. To view my remarks in opposition of this bill, click here.

  • The Democrat bill is NOT PAID FOR. The spending increases in this bill rely heavily on more deficit spending, which will cause continued inflation and increase the cost of common goods like gas and food.

  • The bill rejects widely supported, bipartisan project streamlining provisions that would save taxpayer dollars.

  • The Democrats’ big-government approach strips states of their ability to prioritize new roads and bridges. We all know states need more flexibility to meet their infrastructure needs — not less.

  • The bill leaves rural America behind. It plows billions to urban centers at the expense of rural communities.

  • The bill provides an estimated $276 BILLION for Green New Deal-related mandates, requirements, and programs, including $31.1 BILLION in new Green New Deal programs.

  • An estimated $1 out of every $2 spent by this bill is tied up to meet Green New Deal goals.

In contrast to Democrats’ partisan infrastructure bill, the STARTER Act, introduced by Republicans, includes major investments in roads, bridges, transit, water infrastructure, and broadband. By prioritizing core infrastructure projects, it ensures your taxpayer dollars work for you, not against you. For today’s good news story, I'm highlighting a new exhibit at Fort Fisher in honor of the Lumbee men who were enlisted and forced to work at Fort Fisher during the Civil War. The exhibit is entitled “A Memory A People Could Not Forget: Lumbee Indians at Fort Fisher” and honors the Lumbee Indians for their role in building Fort Fisher’s earthworks. Sincerely, Washington DC Office 2333 Rayburn HOB House Office Building Washington, DC 20515 Phone: (202) 225-2731 Fax: (202) 225-5773Brunswick County Office 310 Government Center Dr. Unit 1 Bolivia, NC 28422 Phone: (910) 253-6111 Fax: (910) 253-6114Johnston County Office 4001 US Hwy. 301 S. Suite 106 Four Oaks, NC 27524 Phone: (919) 938-3040 Fax: (919) 938-3540New Hanover County Office 201 N. Front Street Suite 502 Wilmington, NC 28401 Phone: (910) 395-0202 Fax: (910) 395-0209

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