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Commitment to Government Accountability

Updated: Sep 5

August 25, 2022

Dear Friend, Good government requires a commitment to expose waste, fraud, and abuse as quickly and as transparently as possible. As your representative in Congress, I work and advocate for a government that works for you — not against you. And in this environment that is a tall order, particularly as it concerns the Executive branch, specifically concerns with Dr. Fauci, the CDC, the IRS, the FBI and the Department of Justice. This Congress, Republicans in the U.S. House have sent more than 150 letters to the Executive branch requesting documents, information, and/or briefings about critical issues impacting our nation. These requests include, but are not limited to, documents and information related to:

  • The humanitarian and national security crisis on the southern border

  • The origins of the phony Trump/Russia collusion hoax and the FBI’s involvement

  • The disastrous withdrawal in Afghanistan

  • Election integrity and voter fraud

  • The skyrocketing fentanyl crisis

  • The origins of COVID-19, Dr. Facui and U.S. funding directed by him, and the impact of school shutdowns

  • The FBI's investigation into former President Trump

  • Why the Capitol was so lightly protected on January 6

  • The backlogs of casework created by a Federal workforce still teleworking

  • Waste, fraud, and abuse in federal entitlement programs

  • Hunter Biden’s influence peddling

While we have been met with opposition by the Biden Administration and Democrats in Congress, House Republicans will continue demanding answers. Below you will find an update on some of the main issues where we continue to seek immediate answers and accountability from the Administration and federal agencies. Should Republicans take back the House in November, the House Republican Conference will continue to work to provide a strong check and balance to the Executive branch and bring light to any and all wrongdoing found. In the majority we can hold hearings, call witnesses to testify, subpoena witnesses if necessary, and make criminal referrals to the Justice Department. (Congress has no authority to prosecute; that is solely at the discretion of the Department of Justice.) We have no power to do any of this in the minority. Oversight of Biden's Border Crisis President Biden's open-border policies are incentivizing illegal immigration and creating a crisis growing worse by the day at our southern border. When I visited the border just a few weeks ago, I witnessed firsthand the severity of his catastrophic policies empowering criminal drug cartels and human smugglers. Republicans on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform have written to the Biden Administration more than 20 times in an effort to conduct oversight of the crisis at the border. They have requested information about terrorists attempting to cross the border, the decision to stop border wall construction, lax interior enforcement, diverting critical pandemic aid to pay for the border crisis, and more. House Republicans have also called on Democrats to hold public hearings on Biden’s border crisis, but they have denied these requests. Thousands of pounds of fentanyl and other illicit opioids are pouring across our southern border every day because of President Biden’s open border policies. Last year alone, more than 100,000 Americans died of opioid overdoses, most of which were caused by the drugs flowing across our southern border. As communities across the country continue to feel the devastating impacts of the border crisis, House Republicans are working to put an end to the severe lack of transparency from the Biden Administration. Election Integrity Election integrity is foundational to our republic. The American public must be confident the electoral process is carried out fairly — that every vote is legitimate — otherwise trust in our sacred institutions, which are critical to a civil society and the rule of law, will deteriorate completely. Unfortunately, Democrats in Congress have spent the last three years using their power holding the majority to subvert America's democratic system by attempting to nationalize our elections in direct contradiction to the Constitution. (Thank goodness for the super majority vote to end debate in the U.S. Senate!) Under the Constitution, states have the primary authority over federal elections, and Congress' role is purely secondary and limited, even where the Electoral Count Act allows for Congress to object to Electoral College slates under certain conditions. While elections should continue to be carried out and controlled by states, we must have basic safeguards in place across all states to ensure confidence in our elections for federal office. House Republicans understand we must empower states to prevent fraud, secure our election infrastructure, and encourage voters to participate in the democratic process. Our mission is to restore faith and confidence in the American election system which is the foundation of our democracy. I’m a co-sponsor of legislation that does just that, H.R. 322 — Save Democracy Act. Origins of COVID-19 It has been almost three years since COVID-19 emerged from Wuhan, China, and House Democrats have not held a single hearing on the Biden Administration's response to the pandemic or the origins of the virus. My fellow House Republicans and I have asked our colleagues on the other side of the aisle numerous times to use Congressional investigative authority to examine claims the virus was created in a Chinese lab and that the Chinese Communist Party intentionally covered it up, making worse an already incredibly deadly and disastrous situation. The Biden Administration’s failure and refusal to explore the origins of COVID-19 underscores the need for an immediate Congressional investigation. House Republicans are committed to holding China accountable for hiding the truth from the world. Afghanistan Withdrawal August one year ago, Kabul fell to the Taliban largely as a result of President Biden’s failed withdrawal of American troops from the region. This disaster led to a chaotic evacuation, the heart-breaking loss of 13 American servicemembers and many other lives, and long-term consequences — most prominently emboldening our adversaries Russia, China, Iran and North Korea and making America less secure. Afghanistan has once again become a safe haven for Islamic terrorists. Today, the conditions in the country are dire, especially for women who are being denied access to higher education, are no longer able to travel or move about the country freely, and are even being deprived of earned income. Just as bad and heartbreaking is all the blood, work and American treasure put into keeping Afghanistan from becoming a safe-haven for terrorism the past 20 years is now for naught. Yet, over the past year, the Biden Administration has avoided accountability for its failed withdrawal. This administration has ignored Congressional requests for information and has denied the public – including those who bravely served in Afghanistan – answers on how the withdrawal spiraled into chaos and led to the deadliest attack on Americans in Afghanistan since 2011. These failures cannot be ignored, and House Republicans are continuing to push for answers on this disastrous withdrawal. Republicans on the House Foreign Affairs Committee recently unveiled a comprehensive report outlining the catastrophic flaws of Biden’s Afghanistan disaster. Additionally, House Republicans have sent dozens of letters requesting detailed answers on behalf of the American people. The Biden Administration, however, continues to ignore these requests. In a Republican House majority, we will hold the Biden Administration accountable and will work to provide oversight on the failed withdrawal. We will do so on behalf of the American people, the veterans and families who sacrificed so much during the 20-year conflict, and those who lost their lives in service to our country. Starting next January 3, 2023, you can expect a much different run of show if Republicans have the majority. We will use the tools and authorities available to Congress to conduct oversight and bring to light the full truth in all these areas.


David Rouzer

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