NC Representatives contact info

Updated: Apr 20, 2021


Rep. Gale AdcockRm. 1213 LB(919)

Rep. Becky CarneyRm. 1221 LB(919)

Rep CARLA CUNNINGHAM, 919-733-5807, Sherrie Burnette

Rep HOWARD HUNTER, III, 919-733-5780, Loria Williams

Rep AMOS QUICK, III, 919-733-5902, Jasmine Quick

Rep ROBERT REIVES, II, 919-733-0057, Veronica Green

Rep WILLIAM RICHARDSON, 919-733-5601, Leigh Lawrence

Rep SHELLY WILLINGHAM (a male), 919-715-3024, Johnna Smith

Rep MICHAEL WRAY, 919-733-5662

Rep DESTIN HALL (, 919-733-5931, Lucy Harrill

Rep KELLY HASTINGS (V-Chr), 919-715-2002, James Jenkins

Rep BRENDEN JONES (V-Chr), 919-733-5821, Jeff Hauser

Rep JOHN SZOKA (V-Chr), 919-733-9892, Beverly Slagle

Rep JOHN TORBETT (V-Chr), 919-733-5868, Viddia Torbett

Rep. John R. Bell, IVRm. 301F LOB(919)

Rep. James L. Boles, Jr.Rm. 528 LOB(919)

Rep. William D. BrissonRm. 405 LOB(919)

Rep DANA BUMBARDNER (male), 919-733-5809, Margie Penven

Rep TED DAVIS, Jr., 919-733-5786, Andrew Bowers

Rep JIMMY DIXON, 919-715-3021, Michael Wiggins

Rep JON HARDISTER, 919-733-5191, Jayne Nelson

Rep GREY MILLS, 919-733-5741, Mason Barefoot

Rep ERIN PARE, 919-733-2962, Regan Metzger

Rep JASON SAINE, 919-733-5782, MaryStuart Sloan

Rep. Jay AdamsRm. 301N LOB(919)

Rep. John AgerRm. 1002 LB(919)

Rep. Kelly M. Alexander, Jr.Rm. 404 LOB(919)

Rep. Vernetta AlstonRm. 505A LOB(919)

Rep. Dean ArpRm. 307A LOB(919)

Rep. John AutryRm. 1019 LB(919) 715-0706

Rep. Kristin Baker, M.D.306A3 LOB(919)

Rep. Amber M. BakerRm. 1006 LB(919)

Rep. Cynthia BallRm. 1004 LB(919)

Rep. Mary BelkRm. 1313 LB(919)

Rep. Hugh BlackwellRm. 541 LOB(919)

Rep. John R. Bradford, IIIRm. 530 LOB(919)

Rep. Cecil BrockmanRm. 2223 LB(919)

Rep. Mark BrodyRm. 416B LOB(919)

Rep. Terry M. Brown Jr.Rm. 602 LOB(919)

Rep. Deb ButlerRm. 1015 LB(919)

Rep. Jerry CarterRm. 418B2 LOB(919)

Rep. Mike ClampittRm. 418A1 LOB(919)

Rep. Ashton Wheeler ClemmonsRm. 1211 LB(919)

Rep. George G. ClevelandRm. 417A LOB(919) 715-6707George.Cleveland@ncleg.govRep. Linda Cooper-SuggsRm. 1220 LB(919)

Rep. Carla D. CunninghamRm. 403 LOB(919) 733-5807Carla.Cunningham@ncleg.govRep. Allison A. DahleRm. 1325 LB(919)

Rep. Ted Davis, Jr.Rm. 417B LOB(919)

Rep. Jimmy DixonRm. 2226 LB(919)

Rep. Jeffrey ElmoreRm. 301D LOB(919)

Rep. Terence EverittRm. 1301 LB(919) 715-3010Terence.Everitt@ncleg.govRep. John FairclothRm. 613 LOB(919)

Rep. Brian FarkasRm. 1421 LB(919)

Rep. Susan C. FisherRm. 504 LOB(919)

Rep. James D. GailliardRm. 1319 LB(919)

Rep. Terry E. GarrisonRm. 1209 LB(919)

Rep. Rosa U. GillRm. 1303 LB(919)

Rep. Karl E. GillespieRm. 633 LOB(919)

Rep. Edward C. GoodwinRm. 2217 LB(919)

Rep. Charles GrahamRm. 509 LOB(919)

Rep. Dudley GreeneRm. 604 LOB(919)

Rep. Kyle HallRm. 305 LOB(919)

Rep. Destin HallRm. 2301 LB(919)

Rep. Bobby HanigRm. 638 LOB(919)

Rep. Jon HardisterRm. 635 LOB(919)

Rep. Wesley Harris, PhDRm. 1321 LB(919)

Rep. Pricey HarrisonRm. 1218 LB(919)

Rep. Kelly E. HastingsRm. 2208 LB(919)

Phew! That's it! Let's get calling!

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